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ROOK Connect brings businesses together, enhancing their ability to organize, configure, structure and implement processes to help ensure success!

Bring structure to your business with ROOK Connect’s proven process management and business infrastructure software, enhancing overall performance and communication. Whether you’re looking to organize and enhance your day to day, or to connect and coordinate multiple departments to get everyone working toward the same goals, ROOK Connect never stops working. We provide accessibility and guidance 24/7, ensuring valuable information needed to make the right choices for success is always available.


ROOK Connect automates business tools, providing coordinated scheduling and lean operational efficiency to enhance day to day operations and overall communication.

ROOK Connect software is designed to be simple. It enhances each department’s efficiency with easy to use digital tools and applications that create impact for your business and streamline processes. ROOK Connect empowers your team to perform, breaking down operational processes and integrating innovative applications that make working and accomplishing more on a daily basis simple.



ROOK Connect is designed specifically to help teams perform, increasing communication and inspiring team and individual accountability in every aspect of your business.

Take the guesswork out of your business and know that everyone is delivering the most they can for the team, the company and their own individual success. Accountability and communication made easy with ROOK Connect Software.


ROOK Connect allows businesses, teams and individuals to work closer than ever. Our web based, detail oriented applications keep everyone and every detail on track for success.

ROOK Connect never sleeps or gets tired – it always accounts for the details. Working 24/7, ROOK Connect is always available to provide up to date details on every aspect of your business. ROOK Connect reports on and logs every department, team and individual it interacts with, keeping the business informed with accurate, detailed information at all times.



ROOK Connect makes bringing your business into the digital age easier than ever.

ROOK Connect understands the fears that need to be addressed and the undertaking required to ensure successful integration and implementation of software into any business. To ensure a smooth transition, we provide numerous support levels, from remote to champion staff training, all the way through to onsite division training and implementation.


ROOK Connect was designed with one focused intention – simplicity.

With built-in training materials and one click assists along the way, ROOK Connect software is designed to accommodate a multitude of users, from novice to expert. We are on call for your business and its users 24/7, with routed training materials built directly into the software and a designated support application.



Scope information gathering allows us to review current process and demonstrate process currently in use.


Capitalizing on proven systems, our team works with you to visually map out exactly the process to be applied for your business.


Accounting for all details and foreseeable business impacts, our team will build a strategic plan specifically for your business.


Through detailed time estimates and outlined deliverables, our team will setup and configure a prototype that ensures all details are addressed.


Executing on your business planned strategies and configuring our system to match your requirements, our team delivers results.


Ensuring flawless performance, our team works with you to vigorously go through all details performing internal and external QA.


Our applications are only as successful as the people who are using them. Our team manages on site, remote and ongoing training.


Making systems simple to use and easy to execute is an essential element of our teams success.Configuration to match your needs.


Integrating business efficiencies our flexible support plans empower your business to use and adapt our support plans as needed, when needed.

Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship Manager

One of the main advantages of implementing ROOK Connect into your business is the ability to manage customer information. With all customer data stored in one convenient location, your business will enhance its overall visibility and increase knowledge on every customer, their behaviors, wants, needs and how you decide to interact with them.

  • Customer History
  • Preference Management
  • Sales Tracking
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Support
  • Decision Making Power
Human Resources

Human Resources

HR is a requirement for every business – let ROOK Connect software break it down for your business with an innovative platform that provides real time communication and accountability that makes managing HR simple. Stop chasing staff by implementing systems that ensure your business requirements are met, keep accountability measures in place and ensure HR is accurate and up to date at all times.

ROOK Connect software provides the ability to plan, manage and execute HR requirements quickly, easily and efficiently. With our built-in template database and digital HR management processes, you can manage all aspects of employee related requirements.

Enhancing your ability to manage HR processes digitally not only ensures accuracy for your business; it makes the overall management of employees simpler. We provide one secure spot for all your HR needs.

  • Forms & Manuals
  • Staff Information Tracking
  • Salary & Position
  • Remuneration
  • Training & Quizzes
  • Performance Management
  • Goals & Objectives


Knowing and having access to the right information is essential in order to assure accountability measures and expectations are maintained. With ROOK Connects orientation features, your business can build it’s own orientations and assign them as needed. Whether you’re starting a new staff or you have existing staff working with a new contact or site, ROOK Connect software ensures the right information is signed off on correctly from the start.

Through our software your business can manage all expectations, ensuring staff know exactly what’s expected of them every step of the way. You can rest assured the right messages and details are being signed off on and ensure the right information is in the right hands at all times.

  • HR Orientations
  • Contact Orientations
  • Start Day Orientations
  • Accountability Tracking
  • Real Time Updates
  • Digital Signatures
Schedule, Track & Manage Time

Schedule, Track & Manage Time

There’s nothing more powerful for businesses looking to maximize efficiencies than the ability to organize, prioritize and schedule accurately. Creating a proactive, collaborative business environment with ROOK Connect software helps your business perform, manage people and workflows, and strategically plan with thoughtful purpose and direction. Position everyone in your business for success with collaborative scheduling, time tracking and time management tools that work.

Determining and managing priorities with ROOK Connect software helps
businesses work smarter, more efficiently and be better organized. With seamless communication, integrated systems and workflow management, we provide all the tools needed for success. Take the guesswork out of scheduling and operations with real time accuracy.

  • Scheduling
  • Workflow Management
  • Priority Management
  • Time Management
  • Planners
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
Schedule, Track & Manage Time

Compensation Reports & Time Sheets

ROOK Connect provides an all new means of tracking, recording and ensuring accuracy on all compensation reporting and time sheets to enhance communication. With direct tracking, check in and check out systems, time clocks and integrative processes, your business can be assured real time tracking.

Through automated alerts and color coded reminders, comments and notes for hours, ROOK Connect tracks and records in real time all holidays, sick days, hours scheduled to work, hours worked and notes per day. With multiple approval levels and configuration formatting options, this real time feature enhances your ability to assure accountability and track with precision.

  • Staff/Contractor Time Sheets
  • Compensation Reporting
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Integration With Third Party
  • Accounting Software
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

ROOK Connect provides your business with new age smart digital inventory management tools to manage every step of your inventory’s life cycle. From procurement all the way through to cost structuring, precision tracking, online and in house sales, ROOK Connect supports you through every step.

Our software comes with built-in processes for inventory management, bill of material workflows and streamlined manufacturing. With start to finish solutions to manage every step of your inventory management, we help you take control of your inventory and elevate your business
to the next level.

  • Procurement Management
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Counts & Orders
  • Direct Point of Sale
  • Online Ordering
  • Precision Organization
Equipment Management

Equipment Management

Don’t guess your equipment’s value – know it!

ROOK Connect’s easy to use applications empower your business to track every aspect of equipment. Whether equipment management is a portion of your business or its life force, our software provides extensive tools to track all aspects of the equipment life cycle.

  • Procurement
  • Servicing & Maintenance
  • Assignment & Statuses
  • Safety & Inspections
  • Job/Work Order Management
  • Profit & Loss
Collaborative Workflow

Collaborative Workflow

ROOK Connect software was specifically designed as a tool for businesses to enhance their ability to strategize and collaborate with proven game changing tools. We provide real time, easy to use organizational tools that enhance every team member’s ability to be on point, be accountable and contribute to the company’s direction. Don’t assume your team is working together; ensure they are with our collaborative tools.

Enhancing overall organization and providing the ability to collaborate, ROOK Connect software tools allow you to activate essential systems for all aspects and levels of your business. There’s nothing more powerful than a team of individuals coming together with purpose, direction and aligned success goals. Priority management is an essential tool for any business that’s looking to get the most out of a team

  • Internal Collaboration
  • External Collaboration
  • Customer Support Centres
  • Task Management
  • Priority Management
  • Checklist Systems
Digital Documents, Forms & Charts

Digital Documents, Forms & Charts

Our digital organization tools allow you to create and build your own digital forms. With internal and external security features available, ROOK Connect software lets you custom build digital forms for all types of engagement.

ROOK Connect makes processing customer information, data collection, HR forms, contracts and all other digital document creation easier than ever. Providing your business with the ability to create and convert any document into internal or external digital forms, we allow you to quickly and easily develop enforceable standards.

  • Contracts
  • Customer Information
  • Gathering
  • Sales Order Forms
  • Estimating & Quoting
  • Work Orders
  • Charting
Match Program

Match Program

Managing security for essential, confidential information is a must for every business. While ROOK Connect is a step above in our encryption and encoding processes to safely and securely manage essential information, one of our more unique features is the power we give customers to manage those settings themselves. Our unique match program allows you to not only maximize security with restrictive access privileges; but to put timelines on access and remotely manage those privileges as needed.

ROOK Connect software streamlines communication with interactive tools that help businesses better communicate, gather information from individuals requesting and requiring support and support individuals, your staff and your whole organization. Track and monitor the matches your business has engaged in so you know which support models are working and which ones need attention. Get the whole office working together and maximize communication, ensuring the right fit for everyone.

  • Enhanced Security
  • Staff Support Management
  • Match Best Practices
  • Staff, Individual & Team Match
  • Reporting
  • Secure Remote Access
Lead & Sales Management

Lead & Sales Management

Managing leads and sales is an essential element for every business looking to advance. ROOK Connect software offers a proven structure for managing and nurturing leads, as well as tracking prospects, results and the execution plan sold to each customer. Tracking and monitoring the transition of leads and conversion rates allows you to monitor successes and failures, and provides essential learning required to grow and develop ongoing business strategies.

Systems and structures are important; however the execution and tracking that goes along with it is what differentiates us from our competitors. With proven templated systems ready for actioning, your business will know the next steps with every lead, sale and execution plan at all times. Keeping you informed and up to date with every aspect of your business is one of the essential tools that ROOK Connect software delivers to businesses.

  • Prospecting
  • Sales Lead Management
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Monitoring
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Lead Procurement
Estimating, Rate Cards & Quoting

Estimating, Rate Cards & Quoting

ROOK Connect is all about performance – for you, for your business and for the staff that continue to make it successful. We provide the ability to quickly, efficiently and accurately develop the estimates and quotes needed to push your business forward. Digital estimating tools maximize visibility and reduce overpromising and under delivering, all while adding a new level of detail to every aspect of what’s presented to your customers.

Increase your ability to deliver accurate, clearly outlined and detailed estimates and quotes that confidently reflect your business. Upgrade to our project and job management package to seamlessly have your quoting information transfer to work orders and tickets. Keep your business organized and running as needed with real time estimate and quoting tools that make delivering to customers easy.

  • Accuracy Management
  • Increased Turnaround Time
  • Estimate Templates
  • Service/Product Templates
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Quick Draw Reporting
Project/Job Management

Project/Job Management

Increase visibility and empower your business with ROOK Connect interactive and intuitive software systems. Our configurable platform ensures your business has the tools it needs to monitor and increase productivity, organize and improve processes, and increase collaboration. With real time updating, messaging and unique organizational tools, ROOK Connect keeps every aspect of your projects and jobs organized and together in one place.

With proven systems, templates and process workflows, ROOK Connect comes fully prepared to provide the productivity, collaboration and detail oriented accountability you need to propel your business forward.

  • Team Collaboration
  • Planning, Tagging & Filtering
  • Drag & Drop User Interface
  • Real Time Updates
  • Scheduling & Time Management
  • Communication
Journaling, Log Notes & Alerts

Journaling, Log Notes & Alerts

Our interactive software ensures that our customers can securely discuss, report and track all necessary notes on specific topics. ROOK Connect software was built with the intention of delivering fluent collaboration and communication; and our unique ability to tag and filter journaling and log notes is an essential element for achieving just that.

With stored data repositories, contact, business, site, project, job, work order and ticket tagging, ROOK Connect allows your business to communicate and ensure the right communication is always available to you in the right spot. Take advantage of our builtin alerts and accountability, and remove the guesswork from all communication.

  • Real Time Alerts
  • Real Time Communication
  • Day Sheet Organization
  • Accountability Measures
  • Time Sensitive
  • Tracked Logs


With years of experience building project management systems and internal operations for businesses, we have designed an easy to use tool that enhances communication for everyone. With daily, weekly and monthly auto resetting checklists, this essential tool allows all aspects of operations to be collaboratively executed. Digital processes maximize communication, track accountability and ensure that all team members have the ability to work cohesively.

Providing easy to use, one click icons, our unique checklist system takes the guess work out of essential tasks, allows for communication within a checklist, provides alerts, offers color coding systems and much more. This tool can enhance your whole business and bring your team and staff accountability to all new heights.

  • Real Time Connectivity
  • Accountability Tracking
  • Quick Action Icons
  • Any Device, Anytime Access
  • Time Tracking
  • Alerts & Communication
Safety & Incident Reporting

Safety & Incident Reporting

All businesses have a responsibility to perform and dedicate essential resources to ensuring and maintaining the safest possible workplace and work environment. Aiding and furthering this responsibility, ROOK Connect software has templated and configurable safety manuals, tools, documents, forms and reporting structures that save your business time and money daily.

While ensuring the accuracy and accountability of your safety requirements, ROOK Connect software also makes the day to day actions for front line safety easy. Simple and easy to use forms and applications ensure that you’re taking every necessary and possible step to ensure all safety requirements are being met and exceeded for your business and for your staff.

  • Manuals
  • Safety Forms
  • Driving Logs
  • Toolbox & Tailgate Meetings
  • Site Inspections
  • Real Time Reporting
Invoicing, POS & Accounting

Invoicing, POS & Accounting

ROOK Connect simplifies all aspects of working through transactions, including invoicing and direct POS transactions. With easy to use, interactive and configurable interfaces that ensure accuracy, our software provides the mobility to complete transactions anywhere. Multiple interface options and templated layouts for both direct sales and invoicing ensures that your transactions are properly handled and managed.

With a focus on reporting, ROOK Connect ensures accurate transaction reporting and accountability every step of the way. Real time tracking, enhanced customer profiles and full history tracking on every aspect, including staff, ensures reporting on every level is covered.

  • Interactive Interfaces
  • Configurable Reporting
  • Direct Export Features
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Simply Accounting Integration
  • Dive Down Reporting Structure
Expense Reporting & Budgeting

Expense Reporting & Budgeting

Our interactive expense and budgeting tracking systems ensure that all expenses are allocated the right way the first time. With multiple easy to use features and configurable settings, your ROOK Connect software platform can remotely manage, track and take control of all your business expenses.

Management of expenses and budgets is an essential element of every business. Take control of expenses by quickly and easily managing your budgeting through our simple to use processing tool.

  • Remotely Accessible
  • Image Capturing Systems
  • Quick Email Receipts
  • Expense Account Management
  • Payables Tracking
  • Individual Accountability Management
Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising tools are essential for every business, including tools for internal staff, contractors and future customers. ROOK Connect interactive software interface empowers businesses with conversion funneling, marketing material distribution and full CRM applications. Take control of your marketing and advertising strategies with detail oriented tracking and reporting systems that ensure you know where your money is best spent.

Ensuring your business has processes that generate impact and report every step of the way, ROOK Connect software simplifies the distribution and tracking of marketing systems. Using our systems will bring all aspects of your marketing and advertising strategies together, driving and delivering results.

  • Customer Portals
  • Marketing Material Distribution
  • CRM Tools
  • Communication Strategies
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Website Manipulation & Updating
Smart Analytics & Reporting

Smart Analytics & Reporting

There’s no question that information is power, and in today’s world, it’s the processing of that information that makes the difference. ROOK Connect doesn’t just ensure accurate and detailed reporting structures – it provides SMART analytic tools that piece that information together in a way that’s comprehensive and valuable.

There’s no reporting structure that compares to the interactive and configurable way ROOK Connect software works. Bring precision and actionable real time reporting to your business and take the guess work out.

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Smart Projections
  • Smart Analytics
  • Smart Workflows
  • Quick Dive Downs
  • Automated & Scheduled Alerts


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ROOK Connect is designed to be your all in one business solution. With enhanced process management, business efficiency tools, organized accountability facets and real time reporting and analytics, ROOK Connect provides a whole new level of optimization.

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As a marketing, software and digital media technology strategist, I am passionate about the development and integration of technology into day to day business. As the CEO and founder of Fresh Focus Media, my goal is to bridge the gap between functional day to day operations and increase how technology can be applied to streamline business. Working with businesses to increase their overall efficiency and drive innovation through the application of visualization tools and data analytics, I am reshaping and re-engineering the way businesses utilize digital media to create positive impact.

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