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Do you understand your business process?

Business owners ask me for help all the time in the development and execution of processes for their business. Solving business problems with technology and the astonishment in people’s eyes never ceases to amaze me when they walk through their client and internal process charting and realize what they thought was happening is different that what’s actually happening everyday.

Challenge your business with the ROOK Connect process review.

1. Chart out what you perceive to be the perfect customer experience in your business.

Map out exactly what you perceive to be the process by which this customer experience is achieved. With this process outlined, give your executive team, management team and sales staff (depending on your business size) the exact same challenge.

The key here is for everyone or every department to do the exercise independently, and for you to sit in on each meeting with a listen and learn only capacity. No body language or suggestions – just listen, watch and learn how your team comes up with what they perceive to be the process that’s driving the business.

I’ve done this exercise many times with tremendous success. There are always common traits between the original ideal process and what’s actually happening; but the true benefit of the entire exercise is in the outcome and the team learning how the process mapped was developed.

How your team works together, who takes the lead, who’s constantly getting corrected and perhaps most importantly, how and who’s monitoring and tracking each process. Now review the differences without your team, and reflect on how certain outcomes came about. Do a careful comparison of what you want versus what is happening.

2. Inevitably, some of the processes presented are going to better than your own processes.

Some may have evolved, others may no longer be required and some you’re not going to fully understand. Before working with your team or presenting your thoughts, evaluate the details and how they’ve come about. Next, an incredibly important part of this exercise – review why things are working as they are, and begin to add in who’s responsible for what changes may have come about. Gain a true understanding of your customer path by walking through it. Talk to the key people in each group and ask them what they thought of the exercise, what they learned, etc.

As a business evolves, what’s rarely thought of is how the process needs to evolve as well. All businesses chase money – it’s the fuel that keeps us all working. What is often neglected is ensuring everyone is on the same page with how things are supposed to work from start to finish. How often are sales staff selling what they don’t understand or over promising as they don’t understand details? How often is the operations side of the business complaining that they don’t have the details to do what’s needed and end up under delivering on projects?

“All businesses work hard at bringing in the right customers; the trick is now to execute and turn them into forever customers.” – Kenneth Bond, CEO of FFM

It’s truly amazing how many businesses and business owners expect the best from their staff but don’t have the processes, materials or required technology in place to ensure the business is executing as it needs to.

3. Get your business on track. Every business process that doesn’t have a measurable component will not be successful.

Now that we know what you want from your business and how things are working today, ROOK Connect can help your team collaborate. Processes and accountability measures will be used to get your whole team working together so everyone gets what they need and how they need it to do their job properly.

Whether you’re a company of 5, 50, 500 or 5000, building a team that can achieve together means adopting technologies that empower your business. ROOK Connect has the powerful tools you need to get your entire team working together, on one software platform, to help ensure success.

ROOK Connect

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