Each Business Point of View – What does it mean for your future?

1. The Entrepreneur  

Is a venture to take benefit of an opportunity. Calculated risks are taken to pursue and push the boundaries of business. No matter what the business or the challenge, the Entrepreneur dares to push the limits to grow.

This means you have plenty of obstacles to overcome and a vision to pursue.

Rook Connect gets it.

Our supportive software is designed to fit all your needs into one business solution. Process management, efficiency tools, accountability tracking and real time reporting can be hard to implement when you are moving forward with a brand new vision.

2. The Small Business 

Is a firm that has fewer than 100 employees (according to Statistics Canada), and amazingly makes up 98% of businesses in Canada. This means it makes up the backbone of Canada’s economy, and is the driving force for new business opportunities.  

You most likely have more than one activity to monitor and a team to support. The headquarters need constant communication with the outward client facing employees, and vice versa.

Rook Connect is the anchor behind solid communication.

We support remote accessibility and virtually centralized information so that every person has instant access to important information. With built-in training materials and one click assists along the way, our software was designed to accommodate a multitude of users, from novice to expert.

3. The Enterprise 

Is a unit of business that directs and controls the allocation of resources relating to its domestic operations. With some many working parts, processes and management tools, The Enterprise is fueled by communication, getting organized individuals to all work together to accomplish  business goals.

This means you’re most likely part of a large organization with many working components. You have to focus on balancing the many departments, such as Human Resources, Operations and Finance, while understanding how the entity is represented in the public eye.

Rook Connect wants to support your running engine.

We understand the fears that need to be addressed and the undertaking required to ensure the successful integration and implementation of software into any business. Rook Connect has a multitude of support levels, from remote to champion staff training, all the way through to onsite division training and implementation.

Bringing your business into the digital age is easier than ever.

ROOK Connect

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